I’m Ruta Danyte, an emerging writer of modern poetry. My work is influenced by the digital culture and ancient philosophy, and aims to spark questions about human wellbeing at the age of artificial intelligence. ‘Surreal’, ‘punchy shotguns’ and ‘words to mess with the mind’ are the latest quotes that describe my work.

Poetry I write is new in three ways: the form, the process and the topics. The form of my poems is based on abstractions that communicate the essence of human feelings and social behaviours in as few words as possible. The process is mobile-based and serves as a lifelogging experience that connects the artist with the audience in real-time. The topics are inspired by an on-going 10 years self-experimentation with technology, health, work and education, social life.

My ambition is to use poetry as the universal language for a dialogue about human wellbeing in the digital age we live in. I self-published a book Banana Break in 2016 and 47 poems in 2018.