I am dressed in a fast food outfit. I smell like a chip. I enter a gallery. Try to sell my chip. Why did I wrap a piece of invention as a chip? A gallery does not buy it. Nor chip people.


I had a piece of paper from times I used to write by hand. Only this time, it evaporated in my bag. It’s time?


I met a human last week. She told me about her routine. Wake in a room with black blinds. Plug ears with ear plugs that shine. Inside. Eat fats all day. But fast all night. Watch a red light. Sneak into the matrix with orange glasses. Plug her bed with the Earth. Breathe in. Exhale. […]


I tidy. Remember my grandma smiling. A billion plastic bags. Flying. Silver spoons. Hiding. A billion linen with holes. From angry bugs. Electronic music noise. Fills my heart holes. I tidy. Containers are too full. To take everything in. As I breathe in. I tidy. I try to hide it. I tidy. Tidy. It’s now […]


It’s 10 am. Finally. I press a giant button. The doors open. Second floor. Sunny. Glass walls overlook a shopping centre. A duo. Libraries and malls. I find a dusty empty desk. Look around. The old man clicks the old keyboard. I open my laptop.

Hi, Life.

He was named Cheznut. His tail went up every time he was running free in the green fields. One day I started walking a different route. On the road. Not so much on the stream and towards the Tree… I was ready to leave. I found what I was looking for. But was I really […]