Hi, Life.

He was named Cheznut. His tail went up every time he was running free in the green fields.

One day I started walking a different route. On the road. Not so much on the stream and towards the Tree… I was ready to leave.

I found what I was looking for. But was I really looking at all? We came here without goals, except that to make a pond. The Pond was now ready.

I somewhat feel calmer. Was it the forest?

One day, headaches stopped too. Just before I ordered a bag of vitamins! I know why they stopped though. Forgiveness.

in the darkness also lives
just look up the sky
at night

I wrote this that night, or maybe a night after. I can hardly track time these days. “I don’t do time,” as Don would say.

Those two days were weird. But hey, headaches went away! One morning, I woke and left to visit the Tree. Normally, I walk with Cheznut after my routine. But this morning, I woke and left. Meditation or so by the Tree was quick. I recall it was something about my mom. That day and every other day after – no headaches. Maybe that’s how nature speaks to me?

I recall one night too. I went to sleep or just to nap downstairs because he could not sleep and I thought he needs space. It was Monday the 6th, almost Tuesday the 7th. Ah just after mom’s day Sunday. So that night too it was something about self-love.


your body explodes
fresh air in your mouth


I wrote when I woke at 8.37am on the 7th.

sick all life
and now
with eyes wide open i
say hi life

Hi, Life.