I met a human last week. She told me about her routine. Wake in a room with black blinds. Plug ears with ear plugs that shine. Inside. Eat fats all day. But fast all night. Watch a red light. Sneak into the matrix with orange glasses. Plug her bed with the Earth. Breathe in. Exhale.

I met one more human once. She was a gardener. Refilling B12 and Vit D tanks while planting trees. Drinking mineral water from the stream. Eating organic veg from her garden, sometimes keto with a wild animal fat, and fasting when food is not in season. Earthing while weeding bare foot. Exercising when chopping the wood. Meditating when making the red fire before bed. Sleeping when sun is down. Waking with the tunes of the birds. And writing music when there is nothing else to get done.